Purple Thinkers partnership platform facilitates the growth of collaborative ventures, thereby boosting progress.

Maximize the efficiency of partnerships regardless of their location by strategically managing and optimizing them. Make the most of the entire ecosystem to drive substantial growth, enhancing partnerships to expand your enterprise.

Seek out partners that fit the mission and extend your reach.

Build your ideal team of international collaborators with perfect alignment, and easily incorporate them into your alliance program.

Premium media



Social influencers

Deals services

Video bloggers

Cashback services

Mobile apps

Price Comparison

Media buyers

Digital services

Email newsletters

Keep your edge with competitive research.

Discover who is responsible for driving traffic to your competitors by searching by a specific brand.



Utilize customized real-time data to maximize and develop your partnerships. With comprehensive reporting, gain a better understanding of your partner’s performance and the impact of each channel. Obtain actionable knowledge and measure the worth of each platform.


Connect with your partners in meaningful ways by engaging them through proactive conversations and up-to-date promotional materials. Optimize your projects continuously and generate long-term growth by implementing incentives-based marketing campaigns.

Track & Attribute

Our cutting-edge technology allows for accurate custom attribution across multiple devices, web, and application components throughout the customer’s journey.

Agreements and Remuneration

No matter where your partners are, you can create legally-binding contracts and facilitate their payments through automated processes. Utilizing e-contracting and currency conversion, you can streamline payments to more than 75 different countries.

Surveilling and Shielding.

Invest only in reputable affiliates, unmask affiliate deceptions, and eliminate invalid traffic originating from deceitful practices.

Finding & Onboarding Talent

Uncover the ideal associates to embody your brand from a wide selection of media platforms like content developers, influencers, and discount and loyalty programs. Engage them to assist you in reaching your target market and enhance total conversion.

Propel your business forward by leveraging partner marketing strategies.