With an average of 25 years of experience in performance-based marketing, our professional network consists of active experts. All working full-time in cutting-edge business atmospheres, they bring their technological know-how, methodologies, and competences to guarantee your affiliate marketing management service has the most efficient strategies in place.

Our team works hard to take the stress out of the process, making onboarding, affiliate management, creative design, custom and deep link setup, promotional organization, and communication with your account manager as effortless as possible.

Utilizing the same effective principles which have resulted in accomplishments throughout the years, our team can assist you in resolving common problems. You and your business can benefit from our skill, achieved through hands-on training, and our valuable experience in the practical world.

Our solutions revolutionize the performance marketing sector, empowering us to look ahead and establish links between consumers and brands on a global scale.

Integrated campaigns for maximum impact

Leverage Purple Thinkers Partnership Marketing to foster customer engagement, increase brand awareness, and establish beneficial partnerships to advance your business.

Purple Thinkers partners with the world’s leading advertisers, brands, agencies, affiliates and influencers to craft personalized strategies for achieving your marketing objectives. Our comprehensive network of marketing channels allows us to boost sales, generate leads, drive sign-ups, acquire app installs, and fulfill any other brand-building activities that you need.

Start Connecting With Your Customers

Utilize our competitive intelligence analysis and our proprietary data gathered from millions of online shoppers and users to begin forming marketing strategies based on factual consumer trends and insights. Our platform permits the pinpoint targeting of over 200 countries by using multiple targeting settings to locate the perfect user.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing enables those who are able to bring potential customers, sales or installs to your site to generate considerable online income.

An upfront payment is usually required when placing a traditional advertisement. Nevertheless, no matter how much effort is put into the ad, some of that money will inevitably be wasted. One way to pay is on a Cost per Click (CPC) basis, however, there is no guarantee that these clicks will translate into customers.

Affiliate Marketing is Performance-Based – You Pay Just For Result

Utilizing CPA affiliate marketing, you make your marketing effort open to inclusion via a system of digital publishers across the web and portable platforms. Rather than giving them an advance to run your ad, you pay them an extensive “payout” when they bring you real transformations. These changes could be a deal, finished lead form, membership, enrollment, download, video see or some other quantifiable consumer activity that you decide to pay for and create a beneficial outcome.

The 2 key points of interest of the Affiliate Marketing model

  • With zero wasted resources, you only pay for what you get.
  • Skilled independent online publishers, who use affiliate campaigns to promote their services, have mastered the art of converting a group of spectators into customers. Their expertise is such that you may not be able to afford them as part of your marketing team, but through affiliate marketing, you can leverage their services and gain access to more consumers and multiple channels of marketing